The Jettah & Till Story

"Jettah & Till Design".  Interesting name for a Design Business isn't it?

This intriguing business name was created from my beautiful black cat named Jettah and our beautiful old lady Border Collie who had since passed, named Tilley.  

My life has always revolved around designing and being creative and also working with horses from a very young age.  Our family have been involved in racing for some time now,  with their first thoroughbred broodmare originally being my Pony Club OTT horse in the 80's!   I was the kid that never grew out of the "horsey girl" phase, currently competing my own dressage horses too.

Fast forward into my working career.  I always wanted to design and create and I've also loved working with people.  I'm a shoe designer by trade and was very involved in production of footwear overseas globally for many years, from footwear ranging from skateboarding shoes, women's fashion heels, right through to equestrian riding footwear.

My family being involved in racing, and my most recent corporate role as an Equine Sales Specialist for an Animal Health company allowed me to attend more high profile race days.  I soon discovered the fun of Fashions on the Field at the racetracks, too. 

My first venture into creating my own headpiece evolved in 2015 after buying a headpiece from a Milliner and the creative burn in me decided I could give this a go.  I purchased some millinery products to try. The footwear production of lasting a shoe is very similar to that of blocking a hat, so my design understanding carried across.

Jettah & Till has been a successful business part time developing since 2015 focusing mainly on custom orders.  Finally leaving my corporate career has given me the full passion and attention I can give to let my creativity really flourish. 

I have been lucky enough to attend some great classes by fantastic milliners both locally in Victoria Australia and also around the world, via online tutorials.  This has allowed me to refine and develop my skillset and apply to my own creations.  I call them Creative Designs, as I am not a Milliner, but I am a creative shoe designer with a passion and understanding for Headpieces and Millinery!

I have been an active FOTF competitor over the years since 2015 in Victoria, with my most exciting win being the 2019 Caulfield Cup Lady of the Day.  What a magical day that was!

The saying goes "Choose a Job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life".   Finally achieving this dream!